Welcome more Scandinavian moments into your home with the second collection by NJRD, Edges. A collection that evokes the senses and celebrates our Scandinavian design heritage. Subtle and structural, Edges revisits and reimagines the lines that defined the Shapes collection into a collection filled with tactile, sense evoking design. Within Edges you will find luxurious wool rugs and throws as well as beautiful kitchen textiles and vases for your table settings. While Shapes took on bold geometric lines in powerful colour combinations, Edges explores how design can transition and evolve.


Soft New Zealand wool and tactile geometric shapes filled with life; Our wool rugs effortlessly combine quality, simplicity and elegance into design that stands on its own. Our wool rugs are tufted and hand-woven, created to add a touch of Scandinavia to your home and life.


Our wool throws are made of 100% wool with a graphic jacquard woven pattern. The weaving technique means that the throws have different patterns on the front and back, which creates a unique expression. The exclusive material, unique pattern and beautiful color scheme make the plaids a grateful interior detail that finds a natural place in your home.


Our kitchen textiles are jacquard woven in 100% linen with a beautiful structure and a geometrical pattern with stripes in different directions. Regardless of whether you choose to iron them for a more classic, dressed-up look or keep them wrinkled after washing for a more relaxed expression - these kitchen textiles will be as beautiful as they are functional. Simple functionality at its finest.


Soft for your feet and made of cotton terry; our collection of bathroom rugs will find a natural place in your everyday life. It is simple and functional design created to be used every day in colours that embrace our passion for Scandinavian nature and light.


With its well-thought-out design, the vases are just as beautiful even without content and work exceptionally well as a stand-alone design object to decorate the home. Made from vitro porcelain and with distinct lines, the vase collection is grounded in simple functionality and will effortlessly find a natural place in your home, for more Scandinavian moments.