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Shapes is our very first collection, inspired by Nordic nature and light. The name Shapes comes from all those distinct shapes found in the spaces in between: in nature and within vibrating urban cities. Within Shapes you will find luxurious wool rugs, soft cotton throws and fine porcelain for all occasions. Products that stand on their own, with a contemporary look and feel – this is Shapes.


Soft New Zealand wool and geometric shapes filled with life and contrast; Our wool rugs effortlessly combine quality, simplicity and elegance into design that stands on its own. Our rugs are hand-woven and you will find tufted and Kelim rugs, all created to add a touch of Scandinavia to your home and life.

Stripes wool carpet
170x240 + 200x300

Inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle, our tableware collection Lines will give your table setting a contemporary look and tactile feel. Made from vitro porcelain and with distinct lines, the tableware collection is grounded in simple functionality and will effortlessly find a natural place in your kitchen, for more Scandinavian moments.


It all began with throws as an ode to Nordic spaces, nature and light. Our throws are made of recycled cotton and are jacquard-woven which means you will constantly discover new shapes and patterns. We hope your NJRD throw will keep you warm for many seasons and moments to come.


Soft to the touch and made of organic cotton; our collection of towels will find a natural place in your everyday life. It is simple and functional design created to be used every day in colours that embrace our passion for Scandinavian nature and light.<br><br>